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    Africa Fashion & Art Week 2014 Campaign by Continent Creative


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    VIDEO:Introducing French Afro-Cuban Twin Sisters Ibeyi & Their Yoruba Doom Soul

    Ibeyi, made up of Cuban-born, Paris-based twin sisters Naomi and Lisa-Kaindé Díaz, is an electronic doom soul duo who are forging a new spiritual sound with their debut EP Oya. The 19-year-old musicians are XL Recordings‘ newest signees, and their introductory singles “Oya” and “River” possess a hypnotic blend of hip-hop, electronica, and blues infused with Yoruba prayers and folk songs that will transport you to a higher realm upon first listen.

    Singing in French, English, Spanish and Yoruba, Ibeyi count among their primary influences Nina Simone, Meshell Ndegeocello, James Blake and their late father, the celebrated Cuban jazz percussionist Miguel “Anga” Diaz. Ibeyi’s vocal range, which wavers from the raspy and wraith-like to the sonorous and divine, is ideal for their sonic palette which revels in the phantasmagorical groove of liturgical Yoruba songs. Besides singing in Yoruba–which was brought to Cuba by West African slaves–Ibeyi honor their father’s legacy and Afro-Cuban heritage through their percussive production and use of live instruments. Beatsmith Naomi plays both the cajón and the batá while Lisa-Kaindé remains more in tune with the musical mythos of Ibeyi’s sound by weaving Yoruba lore deeply into their lyrics. “River” is dedicated to the goddess Oshun (the mother of the Ibeyi, and their first single and EP are both named for  Oya (the benevolent orisha who took the Ibeyi in after Oshun was accused of witchcraft for birthing twins and kicked them out).

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    Been vibing 2 this magic so muchhh

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    It’s been 8 years since I spent a summer in Nigeria, so I was a bit hesitant to make the trip. I had a couple projects I wanted to execute. ‘Something to do’ was not on that list

    Every time people living overseas visit Nigeria, there’s a tendency to take pictures of people on the streets of Lagos. Pictures of hawkers, wheel barrow pushers and buses are some of the common ones you’d see.This time around, I just felt doing that would be typical and pointless. One fateful afternoon, stuck in traffic, I noticed a street hawker selling Calculators. I thought to myself, “on a hot day like today, why on earth would you be out selling calculators”. Then It dawned on me. He’d rather walk around in the hot sun cause there’s a possibility he might sell one calculator, than sit at home doing nothing. Though you could say he should choose some other, more profitable, product, at the end of the day, it’s Just Something to do. Ah! 

    From there, it was all about challenging myself to take portraits of  locals in the area, craftsmen, sellers etc. I aimed to showcase a wide array of jobs people take on, regardless of how non-profitable it might seem. I always assumed that this would be easy, cause Nigerians are generally happy people. I was spectacularly wrong. Nigeria is in a state of paranoia at the moment. You point a camera at anyone without permission, and you just might get attacked. I didn’t get attacked, but I was reported by a mallam whom I thought was just ‘unlooking’. Some portraits were easier than others because my parents are frequent customers of these traders. Some took a lot of convincing, like the tailor.

    All in all it was an experience I was/am thankful for. Getting out of my comfort zone, and convincing strangers to have their picture taken is not something I thought I was capable of.

    'Something to do' speaks to the character of the citizens. With an almost non existent middle class, it could be so easy to look to crime as a resolve. But these people, and others out there choose to use their hands to make an honest living, no matter how little the income might be.

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    African girls step in the club like…



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  5. Tumblr Hypocrisy


    "OMG we need to stop the government from being involved with the internet"

    "Government involved with my healthcare? Just fine." 

    I don’t think it is that simple. The government has always been involved in everything including the internet but there is good involvement and bad involvement. The government is involved in your car insurance so that incase of an accident, even if you are not to blame you are covered…. good involvement. THe same applies to your health care. the whole intent  of it is to make healthcare affordable to the masses…good involvement. But what they are trying to do with the internet is to support ISPs like Verizon and Comcast in charging people to use the internet at a fast speed. This move against net neutrality does not in anyway Foolishness benefit the majority of people who use the internet .. YOU… i.e. bad involvement. 

    Tumblr Foolishness

    "I’ll simplify a situation to make a point and hope other gullible people take bait "

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  6. Reblog if you’re an alumni or attendee of an HBCU.

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    Let the plantain congregation say amen

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    LARA GEORGE - Ijoba Orun (Mu mi de’le) 

    I remember singing this as a kid back then in Lagos. Lara George did such an amazing job with this classic. 

    My mum must have endless copies of this album because she has been playing it in her car since I was in secondary school… I am a grad student now

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    Hundreds of Christians Praising Jesus’ name in the streets of New York City. They are called MiSFITS for a reason.

     The world thinks we are quiet 

    The world thinks we are boring

    The world thinks we are lame 

    The world thinks we are too young

    The world thinks we are stuck up

    The world thinks we are hypocrites

    The world thinks we are liars

    The world thinks we are know it alls

    The list goes on

    The world is wrong…. Only because through Jesus we are being transformed

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