1. theijeoma:

    LARA GEORGE - Ijoba Orun (Mu mi de’le) 

    I remember singing this as a kid back then in Lagos. Lara George did such an amazing job with this classic. 

    My mum must have endless copies of this album because she has been playing it in her car since I was in secondary school… I am a grad student now

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  2. whatwewear2church:


    Hundreds of Christians Praising Jesus’ name in the streets of New York City. They are called MiSFITS for a reason.

     The world thinks we are quiet 

    The world thinks we are boring

    The world thinks we are lame 

    The world thinks we are too young

    The world thinks we are stuck up

    The world thinks we are hypocrites

    The world thinks we are liars

    The world thinks we are know it alls

    The list goes on

    The world is wrong…. Only because through Jesus we are being transformed

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  4. marcoreddevil:

    Roy Hodgson has just named Wayne Rooney as his new England captain. #CaptainRooney

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  5. marcoreddevil:

    United’s England captains

    • Bryan Robson.

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  6. marcoreddevil:

    United’s England captains

    • David Beckham

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  7. marcoreddevil:

     United’s England captains

    • Rio Ferdinand

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  8. "WTF is going on with this season’s transfer window"
    — every football fan
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  10. fxckswithafricans:

    Burna Boy. Boss.

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